Emergency food and clothing is a critical

Emergency food and clothing is a critical first step in the continuum of services needed to address the lack of food and clothing.
 The Food Bank not only works with its member organizations to provide the services described above, but is also committed to developing and implementing programs to directly benefit members of the Woodburn community. Our Food Pantry provides more than 1500 free meals each month to Oregonians in need, including 200 hot meals in the Community Kitchen. Meals are enhanced by the use of items from the Kitchen’s own vegetable and herb garden.

Vestibulum semper enim

House of Zion distributes essential grocery items to low income families once a week with our food outreach program.  On average, we distribute approximately 100 food baskets each week, with each food basket containing 30 to 50 pounds of food.  Food distribution at House of Zion is a long-time tradition and well known ministry to our community.  Our Thanksgiving food boxes are one of the most well known examples of successful food distribution in our area.  Distributing approximately 200 thanksgiving dinner boxes every year, our low income neighbors have come to rely on us for this important traditional dinner in difficult times.  We also distribute special food baskets at Christmas and Easter.  

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